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Signs That You Need Dental X-Rays

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Evan
Signs That You Need Dental X-RaysThere are many things happening in your teeth, under your gums, and jawbone than just what you see. This is why X-rays are vital in every dental unit. These diagnostic tools allow a dentist to see inside the mouth to check for oral issues such as cavities and bone loss. In most cases, a dentist may recommend an X-ray during your regular dental visits. However, some signs may indicate it is time to get an X-ray. Here are the signs:

Bad Breath

A bad breath isn't something interesting. It can affect your interaction with others, which can lower your self-esteem. In most cases, bad breath that does not go away, even with good oral care may be a sign of severe oral issues. The most common cause of bad breath is plaque accumulation and infection. For this reason, a dentist may perform an X-ray under the gum line and between the teeth. If they notice any sign of gum disease or build-ups, they may suggest root scaling and planing.


Whether it is a dull, sharp, or Intense ache, tooth pain can affect your daily activities. Tooth pain isn't something to ignore because it can be a sign of serious oral issues, which, when left untreated, can be life-threatening. When you experience a toothache, an X-ray may be necessary to check for any abscess, broken filling, cavities, damaged teeth, and infection.

A Loose Tooth

A loose tooth may occur after an injury or teeth grinding. However, if you have not encountered any of these occasions, a loose tooth may indicate gum disease. In severe cases of gum disease, it affects the supporting tissues, causing the tooth to become loose. In such a case, an X-ray is vital to detect gum recession or bone deterioration. Are you suspecting any symptoms of oral issues? Visit us, and our dental specialists will perform an X-ray and other tests to determine the underlying cause of the problem.
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