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Periodontal Maintenance

Diagram of periodontitis and health toothPeriodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a gum infection that can cause a list of dental issues. If the condition is left untreated, it can cause tooth loss, chewing problems, and even severe pain around your gums. This infection of the gums is usually caused by bacteria that hides around your gum line, and if not taken care of while it is still in its early stages, it causes loose gums that can lead to tooth loss. Apart from that, it can affect your jawbone, and at this stage, will require more treatment. Here at Ortega Dental, our dentist can perform non-surgical and surgical gum treatment to ensure you live a comfortable life that is free from pain.

What is the Main Cause of Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is mainly caused by poor oral hygiene practices. If you do not maintain the cleanliness of your teeth, plaque can build around your gum line, creating bacteria that can cause infections. If you also have spaces between your gum line and your teeth, the infection can spread quickly and cause periodontal disease. The good news is that the condition can be treated while still in its early stages.

The Four Stages of Periodontal Disease

Normally, periodontal disease has four stages.


The first stage is the gingivitis stage, and it is the stage where it is quite easy to treat the gum infection. This is because the disease has not affected your jawbone. During the first stage, one of the first things you might notice is bleeding gums, and it is important to tell your dentist so you can get help immediately before the disease progresses. Also, good oral hygiene at this point will help eliminate the bacteria causing the gum problem.

Slight Periodontal Disease

The second stage is slight periodontal disease. If you do not seek help early enough, the gingivitis can quickly move to this stage, and by this time, the infection will have spread to your bones. It can be managed at our clinic before it destroys your entire jawbone. But if you continue to ignore the infection, it will move to the third stage, which is moderate periodontal disease.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

At this stage, the bacteria will have already multiplied around your jawbone and into your bloodstream, which can cause other health problems.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

The final stage of this condition is advanced periodontal disease, and if you get to this stage, your gums will swell, turn red, ooze pus, and you may even lose your teeth.

Before you get to this stage, it is wise to get help from our care providers to avoid losing your teeth. Teeth are important as they help us improve our lifestyle. They allow us to chew food properly, smile confidently, and maintain our overall health.

Recovering From Gum Disease

If you have a gum infection, it can always be treated. However, the recovery time will depend on the stage you were at. If the infection has not progressed to other stages, you will heal faster compared to someone who was in the advanced periodontal disease stage.

For more information about periodontal disease and how to care for your gums, visit our Ortega Dental dental clinic . You can book an appointment through the number (904) 864-2222.
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