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Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthDid you know that a sportsguard can help make your game more enjoyable? This is because you will be playing without the fear of injuring your tongue, mouth, or teeth. If you are playing a high-contact game like football, wrestling, martial arts, basketball, or rugby, you could be at a high risk of getting a dental injury. The good news is that sportsguards are there to help protect your teeth, gum tissues, and lips. If you wish to get one, you should visit us at Ortega Dental. Our dentist will take an impression of your teeth and mouth and create you a comfortable, well-fitting mouthguard.

How Do Sportsguards Work?

Sportsguards are designed to separate your upper teeth from the lower teeth to help reduce the impact that might occur while you play. They act as shock absorbers whenever a field accident occurs, protecting your teeth from breaking or fracturing. Apart from that, they help to protect your jaws from fracturing. Whenever you are playing, you may injure your jaws from the impact that can be created if you knock your partner in the field. But if you have a mouthguard, it will help protect your jaws by ensuring your lower jaw does not meet with the upper jaw.

Types of Sportsguards

If you are looking for a sportsguard, there are three main types you can choose from. However, there are some crucial factors you should look at to ensure that you have the perfect sportsguard Comfortability is key. This means that you should look at how well a mouthguard fits you. You should also be able to feel the mouthguard and ensure it will not cause any injuries or pain to your gum tissues. It should also make it easy for you to breathe and talk. The main types include ready-made, custom fit, and boil-and-bite.

The ready-made or stock mouthguard is usually available in sports stores, and they are ready to use. The bad thing about them is that they can be uncomfortable and may not last long. The other one is a boil-and-bite mouthguard, and they are meant to be boiled or heated before wearing them. When they cool, they will form to your teeth, and the good thing is that they are comfortable. Lastly, we have the custom-made mouthguard, mostly found at a dentist’s office. They are more expensive than the rest but are definitely worth it. This is because they are made to fit perfectly in your teeth. They do not cause any pain and allow you to breathe and speak well. Custom fit guards are considered the best in protecting your lips, mouth, and teeth.

Caring For Your Guards

Taking care of your sports guard ensures that your dental hygiene is maintained. It helps protect your teeth, ensuring you do not suffer from tooth fractures that lead to decay and cavities. Cleaning them before and after use is a must to eliminate all forms of bacteria. For more information on how to take care of your sportsguards, visit our dental office Ortega Dental. You are also free to call us at (904) 864-2222 if you have any pressing issues.
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