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Oral Cancer Screening

Close up of dentist examining a patient's mouth with a dental mirrorIs an oral cancer screening test really necessary? Most people can easily overlook the importance of having an oral cancer screening. However, it is an important test that should be taken at least once a year since oral cancer is a common type of cancer affecting thousands of people. Each year many people die from the disease and what is worse is that most people discover the condition when it has already progressed to the advanced stages. The news of getting oral cancer can be devastating, but it is still important to have a screening as early as possible to best treat the problem. Here at our dental clinic, Ortega Dental, we encourage everyone to get regular oral cancer screenings. It is important for your dental and overall health.

What Are the Advantages of Oral Cancer Screenings?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer before and were treated, you know how important oral cancer screening tests can be. It can help save your life, especially if it is found in its early stages. Surviving cancer is possible if the cancerous cells are detected early. The procedure is easy, quick, and painless. It does not take several hours. You only need a few minutes to be checked. The dentist will carry out a few examinations by touching your mouth and conducting an x-ray procedure to see if you have any hidden problems.

The Process of Oral Cancer Screening

When you have an oral cancer screening test, your dentist will begin by updating your dental history. We will add any new oral conditions that you have been diagnosed with and include any risk factors that may be contributing to your dental problems. For example, if you drink or smoke, your dentist will include that. Most people who drink excessively and smoke are at a high risk of getting oral cancer since it creates free radicals in their cells. During the screening test, you will be asked a few questions about your general health. You should also be free to address any issues you may be facing to allow your dentist to look at your dental health fully.

Your dentist will conclude by doing an oral exam of your neck, head, gum tissues, lips, mouth, cheeks, and tongue to see if you have any lumps or tissue changes. Some other essential tests will also be included during the process to ensure you do not have any abnormal cells around your mouth, head, or neck.

What Are Some of the Signs I Should Watch Out For?

Oral cancer comes with many signs that warn you of the disease. You should not ignore any abnormal symptoms you see in your mouth. Seek help from our dentists to know what could have caused the abnormality to appear. Some common signs of oral cancer are bumps and lumps around your lips, gums, and mouth, whitish or reddish spots in your mouth, numbness in the jaw muscles, neck, and face, sore throat, and dramatic weight loss.

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