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Woman talking to dentist during dental exam, at Ortega Dental in Jacksonville, FL.We all know why it is essential to maintain dental health, but unfortunately, most people can overlook the importance of dental exams. In most cases, dental exams are thought to be for those people who have oral issues. This is not true. Whether you have oral problems or not, dental examinations are very crucial. This is because they come with plenty of benefits and can also help to save your tooth and overall health.

Dental exams are supposed to be performed at least every six months, and if you have serious oral problems, frequent dental visits are a must. Here at Ortega Dental, our dentist will advise you on how often you should see them, depending on your oral condition. Here are some of the benefits you will reap from your dental visits.

Plaque Removal

When you come to the dentist for an oral examination, we may consider cleaning your teeth to remove the plaque present in your teeth. Plaque is dangerous for your oral health as it triggers the growth of bacteria, which can lead to cavities, decay, and gum infections. Apart from that, the dentist may fill the cavities in your teeth to prevent the spread of oral infections.

Early Detection of Dental Problems

If you have never had an oral examination, it is crucial to have one even if you feel your dental health is in good condition. Oral assessments have helped many individuals detect oral issues that may be developing. The dentist usually performs an x-ray procedure to see the health of your gums, jaw, and teeth. If we spot anything abnormal, we will put you on treatment immediately. Also, physical tests are always conducted to determine if you have any growths in your mouth.

Periodontal Disease

If you have ever had periodontal disease, you know how hard it can be to chew and even brush your teeth. This is why it is crucial to have regular dental exams in order to prevent gum problems. Early detection of the issues can help save your gum tissues from being depleted by the infection. It will also ensure all of your teeth remain in place.

Dental examinations also allow you to get better oral hygiene tips that you can use daily to improve the condition of your teeth. During the examination, you also have a chance to explain other dental issues you have been facing to your dentist. This allows your dentist to treat your case uniquely and provide better treatment options.

Save You Money

Oral examinations can help you save money by ensuring your dental problems are treated as early as possible before they turn into something worse. For example, getting an oral screening test will allow you to address the problems before it worsens. It will also help prevent other severe symptoms that will require expensive treatments.

When Should I Have An Oral Assessment?

If you feel your oral health is deteriorating, it is crucial to see a dentist to know what could be the problem. Also, talk to your dentist about your oral condition to know how often you should be coming in for oral examinations. We welcome you to Ortega Dental to have your teeth and mouth checked, we'll let you know how dental care is affordable for you. Ensure you schedule an appointment first by calling us at (904) 864-2222.
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Dental Exam • Ortega Dental • Jacksonville, FL
Here at Ortega Dental, our dentist will advise you on how often you should see them for a dental exam, depending on your oral condition. Learn more here!
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